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17 January 2017 @ 09:50 am
Well, rather I checked to see that it's still here, and it is... big whoopee... not.
And congrats to myself for remembering my password possibly because I only use 4 easy to remember passwords throughout
teh internets, except for yahoo, because yahoo now demands updating passwords and has made me come up with some
crazy monsters with Caps and numbers and !@#$%^&*()_+ in order to get it accepted.

Spell-checker seems to be gone here unless it's a preview spell-check, we'll see.

As always life sucks king kong balls and since I last log on here time has spun at a blindingly decripid slow pace frought
with periods of drudgery labor tasks.

My old Dell Latitude D620 tanked 18 months ago when Windows threw the XP OS under teh bus without update support. I
complained, and Dell merely directed me to their web-page to shop for a new PC, the god dam sods.  Afterwards I accidentally
found out about the free Linux OS and made a BIOS bootable USB loaded with Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and it was happy days
on-line again. I found my Linux fix and prepaired it at my free library 1 hour log-on a day. Three weeks later the fucking
library called me and banned me from their PCs for bad on-line history during my log-on OMG. Turns out that their alarm was  jammed at the chief librarian desk was the only reason I got away with downloading those Linux .exe files. I told them to fuck-off for overracting as if I was viewing underage girl porn at their shrine, the god dam fuckers!

Anyway, that was cool, as nothing was wrong with that Dell at all. But there was the bugaboo of me not being able to get a Bitorrent client installed in its Linux system god dam it, so it was a long 18 months of being locked out of downloading at thepiratebay.cr dam it to hell.
I'd about forgot about that woe, when in the past Dec my mom had me make video clips of our Christmas lights. I couldn't
edit and string the clips together and paste a x-mas tune mp3 on it because fucking Linux don't have a video editor and wouldn't let me download WMM... because of the god dam shortcoming of Linux not dealing with .exe files.

That got me also thinking wistfully of the good old days of my thieving ways at thepiratebay.cr, and the hunt was on for a Windows PC. Got a refurbished HP ProBook 6565b with a clean Windows 10 pre booted at eBay for god dam $85 no tax or shipping fer-cryin'-out-loud. It has 6 gig ram and 140 available gig on the drive. I thought surely it would have a cracked screen and pancake syrup caked keyboard at that price, but no it's pristine except for a bit of worker cubicle rage scuffs on the top lid.
It's crazy how any poor folk would go in debt buying a new PC with these mass lease reclaim PC getting dumbed on eBay by liscensed Windows refurbisher joints. HP certainly didn't want much for this after the lease was up, and much thanks to Windows for giving up the Windows 10 OS on the cheap, too. Hell's bells this here HP was a Vista in its virgin state years ago
and I'd not touched for even $85 being Vista goes "unsupported" in March of this year.
Anyway, good on me. This poor, lonely internet troll finally got a good break in life. 

21 February 2016 @ 10:49 pm
Dude, if you are dead that's totally okay. First time I seen you on youtube I thought... hmmmmmm..... he'll either be a wealthy entrepreneur or dead in 3 years.
So, here's hoping that your sorry butt is at least still alive. And if you are a wealthy entrepreneur... well, I could use $17,000 $buck$ ya mofo, hey?
30 December 2015 @ 02:41 pm
3:35 pm and it's 37 degree F right now.  Christmas day it was probably in the 50s.  Huge amount of warm rain fell after Christmas until 28th.
Missouri is floodin like a SOB.  Glad flooding isn't here in Marion, Illinois.
Easter flowers are comming up fer-cryin'-out-loud.
Now it will probably snow like hell and I'll get frost bitten shoveling the shit.
That's all for 2015.

Forgot about LJ again.  Didn't even go to my blog thread to see wtf I'd ever said on here.

Not much going on.  Repairing my Mom's backyard patio bricks... as in removing all the mofo things and putting concrete under them so as to elevate them so she doesn't have a skank reflecting pond in her backyard anymore

I've bought more cheap guitars since I was on here last... but perhaps that guitar buying illness I never mentioned on here.

And spellchecker seems to have gotten funky which decreases my high IQ volcabulary...... ( < Spelling?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I can't stand when that happens.  )  
My first "Post" of 2015.  Fuck it all.  Fuck it god dam all.  Not really any plans or whatever right now.  Well okay, I'm not doing suicide, but only because that act would make a bunch of people happy mind.  Things are so bleak that I'm even losing interest in free internet porn, and I think this is Mother Nature way of telling me to do suicide.  Well fuck Mother Nature to god dam hell, ha-ha!
18 May 2014 @ 08:47 am
Well 2013 sucked out loud, although I did and continue to enjoy that KoBo Mini e-reader that I bought myself in early 2013 to assuage my rage over the big x-mas stiffing I got in 2012.
Screw it, the yard needs mowed but I'm waiting till tomorrow.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
29 December 2013 @ 07:12 pm
It's over and once again I got stiffed.

I will never again hold hopes that my mom and sister will give me a great gift because of all my labor on their houses.

LiveJournal said I am Member # 4,505,323.  The numbers add up to 22... so I guess I'll somehow use 22 in a lottery ticket.

Screw the world.

22 January 2013 @ 10:25 am
Yes here it is > http://www.kobo.com/kobomini/  the Kobo Mini e-Book reader.
I bought it on-line Jan 19th at Best Buy for $84.99 after tax and free shipping.
I could've copied my invoice and drove the 16 miles to Carbondale, Illinois
and picked it up but that would be about $9 in gas round trip.

So I let the idiots ship it, and I just got a tracking# saying it should get here
Monday the 28th!  Damn and it's only being shipped from Tennessee gawd-
Shit's bells I thought they'd snag one off the shelf at Carbondale and ship that, but
apparently mine is coming from the friggin' Best Buy warehouse.

And btw Best Buy charges tax on-line. The thing was listed at $79.99. I mention
because that's the first time I've paid tax on-line ever.
29 November 2012 @ 07:40 pm
Nope I wasn't even near dead.
I would change my LJ e-mail to my main e-mail, but to do so would probably
get me locked out of this sucker because of some Google Account bullcrap.

Got another guitar last year that I refurbished.  It was a usless Teisco E-110
with one crap pickup that sounded like a duck.  I hollowed the thing out and 
painted and added 3 fender style single coil pickups and their pots and selector
Now I call it my Teisco E-330.  Here it is before I worked on it > Teisco Del Rey E-110 
And here it is after my screwing around on it >Teisco E-330 
Okay, so not much news.  I'm bored and in need of a beer... actually 12 - 18 beers!

13 October 2011 @ 08:39 am
Yep, another guitar already.